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Therapy Session


Therapy Session


"Be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi

Transformational coaching is about uncovering your authentic self so that you could realize its full potential in your life - for the benefit of yourself and the world. It is a journey of discovery that transforms your life towards meaning and fulfilment. On the practical level, a coaching process helps you to strengthen the connection with your body, become aware of your emotional and mental constructs and slowly, with acceptance and self-compassion, let go of the patterns that are blocking the way to living your life as the best version of yourself and enjoying all the beautiful things that come with it -  vitality, clarity, creativity and serenity to name a few. It also helps you gently bring your shadow to light and learn to love yourself with all there is, fully and unconditionally, so that you can also radiate this love in all your encounters in the world. As a result, you can connect more deeply with other people while also maintaining a healthy, loving connection with yourself. All this  brings about a sense of inner leadership - the ability to create and lead your life sovereignly based on your inner wisdom and guidance.

Why Coaching?

To learn and grow is a basic human need that brings us a sense of vitality and expansion- the feeling that we are indeed ALIVE! Growth of course happens inevitably during our lives, but sometimes we can also greatly benefit of support from a person that can help us find new insights and perspectives, provide useful tools for the journey and hold supportive, safe space for going to places where we wouldn't dare to go alone. This is especially true with profound change aka transformation that is not only about changing behaviour but most of all shifting to a new way of perceiving and experiencing life. My approach to transformation is based on self-compassion, not self-criticism or willpower, which makes all the difference in creating meaningful, lasting results. This process of inner growth is possibly the most rewarding journey you could take in your life as it really makes everything possible. At the same time, however, it is also a journey that is very hard to do on your own.

Having a coach by your side, encouraging and supporting you on your path towards the kind of life you want to live is also needed from a very practical point of view: despite good intentions, it is so very easy to lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and fall for your old patterns out of habit. We all know how easy it is to forget ourselves in the midst of various outer expectations. So it is very useful to have someone that helps keep you awake and on the right track while you create and strengthen your new ways of being and behaving.


All things considered, engaging in coaching might be the best investment possible: it can make a major impact on your ability to deeply enjoy this great adventure called life and live it freely as your true self - both divine and humane, forever incomplete but always perfect as such. The process tends to change the way you live and experience your everyday life (relationships, work, wellbeing,...) but also your life's journey more comprehensively: by freeing yourself from your inner limitations you can truly start experiencing all life's abundance and magic!


Therapy Session
When should you consider coaching?
  • You experience problems in some area(s) of your life: work, relationships, home, overall wellbeing, ... and long for a change.

  • You are going through a change or transition period in your life and could use support in strengthening your resources.

  • You have a feeling that something is not quite right in your life, but don't know what exactly. Maybe everything "should be ok" but still you are not happy.

  • You feel you are not on the driver's seat in your life but rather just the passenger watching someone else drive. Life goes by and you feel quite powerless to impact its course.

  • Your life feels like a performance of obligations with little room for your own needs and enjoyment.

  • You have a feeling that there is more to life than what you are able to experience at the moment. You feel you are not living up to your true potential.

  • You want to know who you are deep down and/or are curious about the mystery of existence.

  • You simply feel the need for inner growth and transformation.

When is coaching not a good idea?
  • You suffer from a mental illness or other unstable mental condition that require psychological consultation or psychotherapy. Transformative coaching requires inner resources and is not suitable in situations where these are clearly compromised. You are welcome to coaching after therapy when your resources are not anymore tied to basic survival in life.

  • You take antidepressants or other medication related to affective disorders.

  • You have gone through a major trauma that you haven't processed yet. You are welcome to coaching after trauma therapy!



Therapy Session

Transformational Coaching

A transformational growth process fully personalised for your needs and goals. Even one meeting can help to gain more clarity in your life, however best results typically require a longer-term process, at least 5-8 appointments. We can meet in person (in Helsinki) or via Zoom.



Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is about becoming whole; reconnecting with your true nature and returning to balance. It is a process of purification, inner growth and empowerment that utilises not only “traditional” coaching but also transformational tools from shamanism and Nada Yoga (Yoga of the Voice). Tools, that go way beyond your mind, opening, cleansing and healing your being more extensively.


“This coaching opened my eyes and made me understand so many things about myself. It gave me much more than I could even dream of when we began. Anna is a very empathetic, approachable and trust-evoking coach. She doesn't give ready-made answers but gently guides you to finding them yourself.” 

— Milla, individual coaching client

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