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Sound Connection offers organisations (business and other) sound centred coaching aimed at strengthening employees' inner resources so that they could create more value for the organisation. The aims of this work typically focus on improving work effectiveness, innovative creativity, communication capacities, and employee satisfaction, with the ultimate aim of creating a positive loop of producing greater results with unstressed, thriving people. People, who are able to use more of their potential for the benefit of themselves and their organisations.


Today's operating environment makes many organizations face greater challenges than ever before. We live in an era of disruptive change where the old paradigm of relying essentially on a sharp mind and reacting against past patterns seems to be decreasingly valid. AI is already taking over our routine work and most probably soon also all logical thinking that can be based on history data. Rationality alone will no longer create competitive advantage. Consequently, I believe the focus of leadership should already be shifting from machine deep learning to human deep learning, i.e. towards connecting with and actualising our unique, creative human potential.

The time clearly calls for new capacities to meet the "new world" in a more conscious and intentional way. I believe some of the key capacities include seeing the world as it truly is, sensing emerging future possibilities, drawing innovations from an abundant source of creativity and sustaining high quality thinking and decision-making by operating not only with a focused rational mind but also with intuition - our inner wisdom, our deeper source of knowing. In addition to these, organizations need to optimize their performance by improving employees' ability to maintain focus, think clearly and creatively, see the essential in increasingly complex situations, and co-create effectively with other people. 


As I see it, the fundamental step in attaining these vital capacities is connecting with our inner stillness and learning to listen with open mind, open heart and open will. This deep listening is about observing what is emerging in oneself and holding the space for what wants to be born. When we learn to do this both individually and collectively, I believe great things can start to happen. But if we want to really listen, we can't be talking - not even in our heads, which means that we need to be able to calm our minds and be fully present. Unfortunately, however, that tends to be easier said than done in today's demanding (work) life. Going behind the busy mind with meditation is surely a skill that can be learned, but the process usually takes dedication, time and patience which we quite honestly often don't have. The good news, however, is that sound can do a lot of it for us. Being one of the fastest ways to calm the mind, sound brings about benefits of meditation also for those that "can’t meditate". It can help us find the state of inner peace where deep listening can happen, and when that place becomes more familiar, we gradually learn to access it whenever needed. With this tool at hand, it is possible to access the source of our inner resources (creativity, wisdom, strength, clarity) even in the midst of a challenging, busy, sometimes even turbulent work environment.



On the practical level, sound work for organizations can include various modalities of sound which will be utilized according to the organization's goals. A session may concentrate on clearing the minds and creating space for better thinking with vocal meditation, or the focus can be in evoking our creative power and finding a common language for effortless co-creation between people with expressive group drumming. We can also approach our inner stillness and ability to listen through deeply relaxing sound journeys where participants concentrate on receiving soothing sound vibrations from various instruments. People typically leave sound sessions feeling energized yet calm and receptive, better able to maintain focus and better able to think clearly and creatively. 

As an example, my Sound Reboot sessions for energising the brain of knowledge workers have been very well liked. These sessions are typically 30-45min "productivity naps" in the middle of the day, focused on sound mediation practices to allow better flow of energy, clear the mind and improve focus for the rest of the day. A few comments from participants:

“The session was always a super lovely oasis in the midst of a busy work day.”

"I was so positively surprised! I got inner peace and felt relaxed but not tired. Definitely less stressed.”


"My mind was a lot calmer and open to receive the tasks I needed to accomplish after the session. My energy level was clearly higher.”


“I noticed clear improvement in my ability to focus, and even in my own attitude towards work tasks. I could also prioritise better.”


“A wonderful moment when I could detach from overload and stress. I could really think with ‘new brain’ after the session.”

"I came in all stressed out (due to a difficult conversation with a client), but left feeling calm and positive”


“After each session I felt very calm, and especially when I had a client meeting afterwards, the focus was extremely good and I could keep going much better for the rest of the day.”

Sound work can be part of a team building day or other employee development initiative, or it can be a lunch-and-learn session or other individual event. Ideally, however, a longer-term series of sessions (a set of 10 sessions or an ongoing weekly drop-in class) is recommended to have a real, permanent effect. Making any real change in people's mindset and capabilities requires not only getting information and theory but most of all learning by embodiment. When the basis is solid, the participants can then confidently continue to deepen their skills with an established toolkit that effectively supports their goals. 

No previous experience of any kind is required and all necessary equipment is provided. The sessions can be made easily accessible in your organization's location (meeting room or other suitable space). Sessions are provided in English or in Finnish.

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