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Inner Leadership Coaching Program is aimed primarily for organisations who want to develop their employees' abilities of self-leadership. It is a transformative journey that helps participants create a strong connection to their inner resources and open the gates to their full human potential. This enables the employees to give a greater part of their energy and competence also for the benefit of the organisation, which increases the value they create in their work.




As we all know, today’s operating environment makes organisations and their people face completely new kind of challenges, at a pace greater than ever before. Creating value in creative knowledge work or in service work is based on things that are very hard, even impossible to govern from the outside and consequently employees’ ability to lead themselves has become a critical success factor. As a result, self-leadership has indeed become a concept that almost everyone in the organisational world has been talking about for many years already: it has become something many organisations want to attain, but rarely seem to succeed in. Why is it so?

I believe one significant reason is this: successful self-leadership is fundamentally based on knowing oneself. Quite simply, we can only influence the things we are aware of, and the rest is out of our control. What makes things challenging is the fact that we typically are pretty unaware of ourselves: research suggests that our conscious mind is in charge for only 5% of the time on average, which means that we mostly function on autopilot, reacting unconsciously to the outer world. Luckily, however, it is possible to change this ratio for the benefit of the conscious mind: the better you are aware of your mental, emotional and behavioural patterns, the better able you are to detach from them when necessary and consciously choose an appropriate response in a given situation.


Unfortunately it seems that the prevalent approach to self-leadership is very focused on trying to change people's behaviour without really diving into the inner reality behind it, the very essence of self-knowledge. And if this part of our being remains neglected, not only change becomes hard and unlikely to last, but the approach also leads to a situation in which we try to lead not really ourselves but the image of ourselves - an attempt pretty much doomed to fail.


Based on all the above, my approach to real and sustainable self-leadership is thus deeply grounded on self-realisation which is why I call it inner leadership. I define inner leadership as the ability to realise one’s authentic self and its full potential, independently of not only outer supervision but also of one’s own reactive mental, emotional and behavioural patterns. Inner leadership is not based on seeking strength or discipline, it is about connecting with the inner strength we all have. It is not based on control or willpower, but instead on finding meaning, inner motivation and sustainable performance. It is about leadership of the new era where we shift from conflicts of interest to a reality of mutual good and coincidental thriving of all: individual, organisation and ultimately the world. 




  • Profound understanding of the meaning and requirements of inner leadership and how to advance it on the individual level. 

  • Effective tools and readiness to create the neural state where one can access inner resources in the best possible way: creativity, clarity of mind, intuition, inner peace.

  • Routines that support sustainable and harmonious life. 

  • Stronger emotional skills and intelligence: better ability to recognise and hold emotions and let them inform action in a mature way. This enables deeper interaction with other people (also in customer relationships). 

  • Better ability to direct energy towards one’s goal and purpose instead of spending it primarily on the various mechanisms we use to avoid ourselves.

  • Awareness of one’s prominent mental constructs and limiting beliefs that guide behaviour. Only when you know the box you are in, it is possible to step outside of it.

  • Increased ability to listen to one’s inner knowing/intuition and in the flood of information distinguish the relevant from the irrelevant.

  • Ability to realise transformation in a sustainable and balanced way.




If you recognise your organisation from some of the following, this coaching is designed especially for you: 

  • People are the key success factor for us.

  • For us, it is essential to maximise the creative, intellectual and interpersonal value our employees are able to create in their work.

  • In our industry, creativity and/or innovative, clear thinking are critical keys to success.

  • In our organisation’s everyday life, successful interaction with people (leadership or supervisory work or customer experience) is of major importance. 

  • We are ready and motivated to shift from a world of survival to a world of possibilities.

  • We recognise the importance of self-leadership and have even tried to advance it, but have become frustrated and tired of quick-fixes that haven't really changed anything. Now we are ready to invest in real transformation.



  • Organisations that choose to see self-leadership mainly from the perspective of management and control: time management, resource management, etc.

  • Organisations that operate in the world of mechanical executing of things or tasks.

  • Organisations that are not yet ready to invest in their key employees’ transformation but instead think that self-leadership is a) a person’s fixed trait, b) something a person just has to “start doing” or c) something people should embody after 1-2 workshops.

  • Organisations who ultimately want to stay in the world of survival and postpone decisions about transformation to “a better moment”. It will likely never come.



This coaching program is based on a multi-disciplinary basis, but especially on work and organisational psychology, positive psychology and transformative coaching philosophy. It is an extensive and diverse program that challenges the participants to take an active role as co-creators of their own life and transformation by combining solid scientific knowledge to personal experience and uplifting group work to deep personal work. It does not settle for random nice-to-know information and mere level of behaviour like too many self-leadership related trainings do, but instead emphasises comprehensiveness and true personal transformation - practical change in real life. 


The program can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, but ideally is an intensive 4-5 month process including group coaching, individual coaching and online studies in between them. The coaching sessions can be realised either in person (in Helsinki) or online.



As educational background, I am a certified transformative coach and have a MSc degree in Economics. I have made a long and rewarding career in the marketing industry, working the past few years as Strategy Director in Finland’s biggest marketing agency. Among other things, this work has involved leading and facilitating various kinds of trainings and workshops for client organisations as well as internally. Along with work, I have studied psychology from different angles while also going through a momentous personal transformation process through self-realisation and inner growth. Because of my background and experience, I believe I am well equipped for combining a solid understanding and insight of the needs and demands of work life and the possibilities provided by personal growth. As a coach, people have experienced me as consistent, dedicated, professional, trust evoking, and inspiring. Read more about my professional life from LinkedIn or my personal story from here.




I would be happy to discuss any questions concerning this coaching. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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