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"There is nothing better than music as a means for upliftment of the soul"
-Hazrat Inayat Khan

Sound work (aka Sound Yoga)  is essentially about coming into resonance with your innermost self by means of vibration and deep listening. Sound is one of the most ancient and powerful healing modalities that can help us go beyond our minds and harmonize our entire being: body, mind and spirit. We are sound beings by our very core nature: everything in us and around us is in motion and thus vibrates, and every entity from individual atoms to the planets has their natural vibratory frequency and thus produces a particular sound. Some of it we can hear and some we can’t, but vibration is everywhere shaping us, and affecting our health and wellbeing.


In sound work, vibration is used with the intention of bringing us back to our natural state of resonance - back "in tune". The experienced benefits of this work are numerous, ranging from objective, scientifically-proven physical and mental effects to more subjective experiences of increased harmony and vitality. Immersing into sound, especially your own voice, also creates space for experiencing yourself, helping to listen more deeply to what there is and gradually connecting with your deep inner stillness and our cosmic song, Uni-Verse.

Why Sound

Why Sound?

The energy vibrations of sound affect our entire being, on all levels of the integrated body-mind-spirit system. Sound vibrations can be translated not only by the delicate structures of our inner ear, but also with every cell in our body. For example, we can hear more with our skin than with our ears. Consequently, when used consciously and harmoniously, sound offers a very powerful tool for helping us in various ways. 

For example, it can help with

Emotional Health

As a powerful form of expression, music in general is a great antidote of depression. Furthermore, using your own voice easily takes you beyond the rational mind to the realm of non-verbal communication allowing you to process your emotions with a language they can better understand.


Harmonious sounds and deep breathing stimulate the vagus nerve which effectively activates our parasympathetic nervous system - our "rest and digest" mode. Sound also directly entrains our brain waves, making it possible to reach deep states of relaxation very efficiently with harmonious sound interventions.

Music charges our brain with frequencies vital to our health and well-being, our voice especially being a super multivitamin for the brain. Only positive side effects!


By focusing on sound, we can effectively go past the busy mind and reconnect with our ability to fully concentrate on the present moment. Sound work is sometimes considered as the "fast track" to a meditative state.

Deeper Awareness

Sound opens us up, and by calming our minds, gives space for deeper states of consciousness where we can start hearing our inner sound and connect with the deep silence within.

Transforming the Breath

Singing increases our breathing capacity and harmonises our breathing pattern. Both are related to vitality and longevity.

Brain Energization 



Sound Yoga

Strengthening the connection with yourself, with others and with the Ultimate Reality through sound and music.


Vocal Self-Inquiry

Exploring your inner world and connecting with your higher self through your voice (individual work). 


“Thank you! I got so much more than I could have ever hoped for - a journey into myself and a lot more confidence not only regarding my voice but also other things.” 

— Workshop participant

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