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Vocal Self-Inquiry is about connecting with oneself through the voice. It's about exploring and expressing your deepest self nonverbally, without the rational mind on the way, and combining this exploration with verbal inquiry to bring the findings up for further processing. All this happens one-on-one, in a safe and supporting space. These sessions are suitable for everyone interested in going deeper into themselves with the most intimate and powerful instrument there is: the human voice. 



Voice is said to be the bridge between the visible and the invisible in us - and the most direct path within. By using and listening to our voice, we can get in touch with every part of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Singing is something very natural for us humans: it is a form of communication that predates speech, even by half a million years. Our voice effectively takes us past the busy mind to a state of calm receptiveness where deep listening becomes possible. Already this is very beneficial for us. However, we can get even further by also exploring our experience verbally, to allow it to deepen and reveal its meaning, and create a better understanding of reality and our own truth. Vocal Self-Inquiry helps to get to know and love oneself more truly and deeply, and strengthen the connection to our own inner guidance.



During Vocal Self-Inquiry sessions, we tune in to ourselves through conscious breathing, sounding and toning. Some instruments are used to support the vocal work, for example a shruti box or tanpura, drum, harp and chimes. We learn to feel the resonance in our bodies, embody our voice, and listen to the subtle messages our inner voice is whispering. With vocal meditation practices, we gradually learn to let go and free our voices to express what needs to be expressed. Amongst nonverbal practices, we deepen the experience with verbal self-inquiry.



"The situation felt safe, good and intimate, so it was easy to turn inwards. My body communicated to me in a whole new way during the session! It felt amazing and liberating.”

"The instruments created a special soundscape that supported in opening up for my own voice”

“The singing and mantras vibrated in my body even after we stopped producing sound. I felt very focused after the session.”

“My throat chakra and all the blocks I have (unintentionally) created for my self-expression came up. It was amazing to notice how my voice and my throat chakra started to open up. Using my voice created major sensations in my body - good ones! I felt my body expanding internally and it felt wonderful to breathe with my whole body. That feeling lasted for quite a long time afterwards.”


  • No prior experience or skills related to singing or inner work are needed. If you can speak, you have a perfect voice to explore yourself with. 

  • The work is not suitable for people with mental illnesses or other unstable mental conditions that require psychological consultation or psychotherapy. 

  • Sessions are provided in person in Lauttasaari, English or in Finnish.

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